Grindcrew Warheads

by Unholy Grave

Side A 15:08
Side B 15:47


Raw and brutal Live recording from the Showcase Theatre, California from 2007. This catches the raw and guttural feeling that can only be taken away from a live Unholy Grave show. 20 songs buried deep in barren soaked grindcore from Japan as they bring their chaos to the United States. Unholy Grave spreads their message of No Racism and No Terrorism. Blasting live fury, raw and unpredictable.


1. Confession
2. Morbid Dark Angels
3. Strong Indignation
4. Cult Of Terror
5. Media's Story
6. Realities of Terror
7. Murderer
8. Korean Residents in Japan
9. Motorcharged
10. Does God Need Help?

11. Broken Into Pieces
12. Maniacal Discharge
13. Terror Activities
14. Little
15. Real Evil
16. More Raw Noise
17. Socialistic Pressure
18. Teenage Lobotomy
19. Kamu
20. No Racial Superiority


released February 12, 2014


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